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Chemicals Engineered to Optimize Well Performance

Western Chemical's completion chemicals are highly engineered to maximize the production in oil and gas wells. Our chemicals will help prevent corrosion, scale, and emulsions, while eliminating bacteria.

Oilfield Completion & Drilling Chemicals

Western Chemical has established a complete line of Completion & Drilling Chemicals engineered for use in coil tubing drill out operations and other applications. We designed these products utilizing advanced chemical technologies creating field proven chemistries. 

This can include scale treatment, acid stimulation, fracture stimulation, water shut-off, gravel packing, cleanout of wax, and reperforations.


Completion fluids are used for the purpose of working on the well so it is complete for production. These chemicals are necessary to rework the producing formation prior to production. Not using the necessary chemicals may decrease the productivity of a well, which affects the return on investment.

Drilling and Completion Chemicals

  • Friction Reducer

  • Lubricants

  • Rig Wash

  • Scale Inhibitor

  • Methanol

  • Scavengers

  • Surfactants

  • Clay Stabilizers

  • Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Defoamers

  • Emulsifiers

  • Foamers

  • Wetting Agent

  • Glycol

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